TOTAL (Siege) Bedrijfsoverzicht

Paris La Défense Cedex, Ile of France, Frankrijk
Meer dan 10000 werknemers
Olie / Gas / Energie

Have you ever thought of offering your skills and expertise to a multinational company?

Give your best to better energy and make the commitment with Total. With over 500-plus professions in 130 countries, we offer high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, an innovation culture and wide-ranging career development. Be part of the global team whose mission is already shared by 100,000 employees: to make energy better each and every day.

As a global energy company, we do business in oil, gas, petrochemicals, biomass and solar. In the Netherlands, we operate through independent subsidiaries and employ over 2500 people. Our activities in the Netherlands are based on business principles and core values of professionalism, respect and exemplary conduct, and an ongoing commitment to safety and protection of the environment.

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