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Veghel, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
100 t/m 499 werknemers
Groothandel / Import-Export

MegaGroup: The Mission!
Water technology is our sport, our employees are the athletes. Water is the liquid of life. Everyone needs water. By 2030 more than 3.7 billion people will live in areas with severe water stress. Too much or too little water brings enormous challenges in the field of water management. MegaGroup believes in making water solutions available to improve the lives of people. It is our mission to enable growth for our customers, employees and partners by making water solutions available in a convenient, smart and efficient way. We bring water to life

MegaGroup Trade Holding BV (MGT)
MGT is the holding of a number of technical wholesale companies in Northern Europe. Within MGT forces are combined and we support the group companies in the field of Finance, IT, Marketing, Product Information and Category Management. In this way we work efficiently on development and we share international knowledge, experiences and best practices, so that our group companies are able to do what they are good at: to serve the customer optimally.

Bosta BV
Bosta is the Dutch sales organisation of MegaGroup and is serving the professional business customers like installers, OEM’s and trade companies in sectors such as pools, irrigation, water treatment, geothermic and industry. Bosta differentiates by a wide range of products, competitive prices as well as our logistical & commercial service. As a part of MGT Bosta is benefitting from the purchase power of the group, its expertise, experience and support.

MegaGroup Logistic Services BV (MGLS)
MGLS is the European Distribution Center (EDC) of MegaGroup. All orders of our sales organisations are processed here. The EDC supplies customers of Bevo and Bosta in Belgium, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, (Poland) and Denmark directly. By centralizing stock and distribution we are able to serve thousands of customers of the group faster and with a much bigger assortment. MGLS is daily supported by the Warehouse Support Team: Quality, Planning & Inventory Control.

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Veghel, NB, NL

HEE, HALLO! Stroom jij over van kwaliteit om wereldwijde waterproblemen aan te pakken? Ben jij een verkoper pur sang en hou je van techniek? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou! ACCOUNT MANAGER IRRIGATIE Slim, gedreven, can do mentaliteit We zijn dus op zoek naar een Account Manager voor de irrigatiemarkt voor Noord-Oost en Zuid-Oost Nederland (Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Gelderland, stuk Noord-Brab