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Test Engineer

To adjust, test and deliver products or (sub) systems according to agreed specifications and delivery times.

Job Mission
The sector Manufacturing & Logistics is responsible for the production of scanners as well as for purchasing and logistics. The complete production process of the most advanced machines takes place within this sector. The department Delivery Operations within Manufacturing is responsible for the assembly and classification of the various machines and modules of the systems according to strict quality standards.

Job Description
To adjust, test and deliver products or (sub) systems according to agreed specifications and delivery times.

Tester 3: MBO Electronics, applied physics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace engineering with 5 - 7 years of experience.
Tester 4: HBO Electronics, applied physics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace engineering, preferably with 1 - 3 years of experience.

Hands-on experience in a high-tech production or customer service environment, e.g. electronics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace engineering; proven affinity with testing / assembling and troubleshooting is essential.

Personal skills

  • Able to work in multi-disciplinary teams within a high-tech environment;  
  • Able to deal with, or even enjoy, high degree of uncertainty and pressure;  
  • Independent, pro-active, flexible team player;  
  • Analytical: Solving problems;  
  • Methodical: Can work according to standard work practices;  
  • Assertiveness: In the lead to process engineering and development;  
  • Eager to learn and expand skills;  
  • Willing to share and train knowledge and skills;  
  • Able to work alone including night shifts; 
  • Able to speak and understand English and/or Dutch; 
  • Able to write procedure comments and transfer documents in English;
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Over het bedrijf


We are here to guide engineers in the maze of vacancies to obtain a position to be proud of. Proud because it is at a leading company, because the new position increases own influence or because it’s the best fitting position in terms of content. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software are the technical pillars of Trinamics, but their application is diverse. Because we know our clients and candidates well, we quickly see where someone would fit best. Once we find a position we remain involved in the process. We do this by, among other things, offering training and development programs. We offer extra guidance and our social network to talents who leave their homes in another country to realize their ambitions here. In our eyes, it is the only logical way to keep developing our technical talents.

Every technical company wants to move forward as quickly as possible, to be leading. For that you need the best technical people. However, in the current market, talent is scarce and not always easy to find. Progress is also what drives Trinamics. With every good performance, we set a new bar to surpass. And we do that time and time again.


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