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XDES is specialist in recruitment van technisch personeel. 

Job Description

In this function, you will:

  • Participate in comprehensive engineering activities to develop and implement effective, high quality processes and design guidelines for dissemination through-out the division.
  • Provide moderately complex design reviews and feedback for improvements in manufacturability
  • Implement equipment, materials, and process performance requirements, perform vendor searches and equipment evaluation to ensure adequate capability to produce quality products in required quantities at an effective cost.
  • Facilitate experiments and capability studies, develop process specifications, and design and procure process tools.
  • Evaluates and advises on the selection of suitable equipment for optimized, balanced line performance.
  • Process analyses of new systems and equipment with the intent of achieving continuous improvement of present methods.
  • Direct reporting line to Supervisor Process Technologies and Projects;
  • SME on Adeno 26 based Vaccines Process as implemented in VLF.

Job Requirements
  • Bachelor degree preferably in one of the following disciplines: Bio-Process Engineering, Chemical / Process Engineering.
  • 2-4 year experience as Process Engineer or equivalent;
  • Knowledge of project management and knowledge of Pharmaceutical and/or bio processing principles typically used in Upstream and Downstream processing for vaccines manufacturing using disposable technologies (e.g. bioreactors & filtration systems)
  • Support Technical Transfer of New Processes to the VLF
  • Critical analysis of production issues
  • Clear and concrete Communication 

Salary and Benefits

A great temporary job opportunity at one of the worlds biggest healthcare companies.

Contact Us

Contactpersoon voor deze functie is Joost Storms, bereikbaar op telefoonnummer 023 55 78 529 of via e-mail: Kenmerk: 10294.

Over het bedrijf

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XDES is specialist in recruitment van technisch personeel. We onderscheiden ons door het leveren van persoonlijke en professionele begeleiding in jouw zoektocht naar een geschikte baan. Het detacheren van technische professionals in de dynamische wereld van techniek is ons vak. Of je nu een MBO, HBO of WO opleiding hebt, bij XDES ben je aan het juiste adres.


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