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About us:

We, the Product Development team, are leading the effort to built the coolest new features for Fixico’s customers, repair shops, and partners. Together with our team of Product Owners, Developers, and UX/UI Designers, we are on a mission to seek new challenges and to explore the boundaries of current and new technologies. 

We embrace an agile workflow which for us means that we want to move fast and implement great ideas as soon as possible. All input is much appreciated; great ideas and well-back projects are always encouraged.

We love working with the latest technologies, new languages, frameworks, or other cool projects you find in GitHub Trending, Hackernews, /r/PHP or Product Hunt.

Our stack:

As a JavaScript Developer at Fixico you will be working with, but not limited to:

React, Redux, Styled Components, Storybook, Webpack, ESLint, and any other framework you or other developers might see fit for our projects.

We are currently looking into using more of the infrastructure provided by Node.js and implement toolings like Server Side Rendering and WebSockets.

Let’s be honest for a second and embrace the fact that we also have some legacy apps built on top of Angular, Backbone, Gulp and Grunt... but we are trying to clean up the mess ;)

Besides the technology you will be directly working with, you will also be free to interact with back-end engineers and work with their technologies such as Golang, PHP, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD Pipelines, Microservices, and all that cool stuff.

What you will be doing:

In this role, you will design, build, and deploy products that will be used by our partners and users all over Europe. Our projects are built on top of modern technologies. We are always looking for new and creative ways of solving problems (and sometimes create new ones). We don't like to re-invent the wheel so we use a lot of open-source software or write code we can share and re-use internally.

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