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We are looking for an experienced System Engineer for a company in Utrecht.

Organisatie-en afdelingomschrijving

At this company, they love technology and embrace world leading processes. Therefore, they have made it their mission to develop their services and expertise with market leading solutions recognised by Gartner and make significant impact within the EPM and CPM world.

The employees are known for their agility, dynamism, ability to make decisions fast. Growing a successful business requires a lot of things; drive, tenacity, talent, creativity. But above all else: people.

They love what they do, they are passionate about techy things, work on complex, sometimes stressful tasks and get energy from cracking a problem. But also, they all understand that they deliver a service to their international clients, who have high demands and expectations for the systems they run for them. That requires communication skills, picking up the phone, support a colleague, ask for help if you need it and continuously look for improvement….


System Engineers work within the Global Hosting & Managed Services team, working collaboratively with ithe companies global technical Support and Consulting teams. The Managed Services team is 45 colleagues strong, with a huge variation of skills, experience and geographical spread- from Stockholm to the London, from Utrecht to Málaga.

The System Engineer has a key role in designing, planning, supporting, documenting, implementing and maintaining IT platforms for the clients. It’s truly an all-round IT system engineer role. Working on projects, solving a simple incident, implementing automation. Or even working on a plan to solve that annoying and time costing process that can be handled by a fancy PowerShell script.


The System Engineer plays an integral role within the company and as such they would like you to:

• Take responsibility for the management and maintenance of the companies IT platforms, servers and systems and those of their clients, ensuring that the IT environment functions optimally;
• Implement new solutions or improvements to the current infrastructure, that uses technologies such as VMware and Microsoft Server with all of its elements like vSphere and vSan, Microsoft SQL, backup routines, anti-virus and server-, application- and network monitoring;
• Have experience of working with VMware, Public Cloud and Windows Server based environments in a business to business environment;
• Guide the resolution of incidents, troubleshooting and provide ongoing customer support, often working in collaboration with other teams or client administrators in order to resolve problems;
• Be accustomed to automation through scripting. Preferably PowerShell;
• Be articulate and engaging in English. Someone who can communicate well with customers during incident management and during the project lifecycles etc;
• Participate in a 24 x 7 standby scheme.


More information? Call or sent an email to Roman Rahimi. 


Source: Yourprofessionals