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As an International Trader at West Coast Supply Group you are part of an international trading team, covering a total of 75+ countries in the FMCG industry. Success is your noise: you manage existing customers and acquire new ones. You negotiate pricing, terms and you know the sweet spot between buying and selling. You manage and grow our business through exciting targets, and you get serious responsibilities and opportunities in a young and energetic company. International travel is part of your job in an environment with a strong commercial ethos. You report directly to your Division Leader or a Senior Trader.

This is how you tackle your day. You:

  • manage the business with your suppliers and customers; keep track of your offers and inquiries, pending deals and market developments
  • understand your trading market and know when to sell and buy, as well as to what margin
  • negotiate prices, payment and delivery terms
  • are always on the lookout for new business opportunities with a focus on your own market, but you are free to act global and look across any border
  • work with the Logistics Team to close and deliver deals to your customers and suppliers
  • ensure your suppliers’ and clients’ financial and account information is up to date

Source: West Coast Supply Group